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Reducing the distance between programming and project management

Posted by rnaufal on 8th October 2007

Some days ago me and [info]bpfurtado were talking about different areas of interest on software development and the distance created by programmers in not involving themselves on another interesting (for me :-)) areas, such as process management, requirement analysis, change control processes, etcetera.
Programmers tend to create a barrier between their tasks and other areas on software development, they prefer to be more specialist. Most of them don’t like to participate on requirement analysis discussions, design sessions, development of test cases. They prefer to code instead of being involved on such activities.
When you work on a software development company, you must have interest at the *big thing*, you need to have the whole vision of your area. People around will put better eyes on you, if you show these interest.
Nowadays at my company I’m participating in activies like use case requirement analysis and programming, because I wanna be involved in the best of both worlds. I wanna increase my analysis and programming skills. It was my decision to participate part time on requirement analysis and the rest on programming activities. I think it’s very important to have this vision and consequently it makes you a better professional. And you? Dou you like to be involved not only in programming tasks?

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About use case reuse

Posted by rnaufal on 16th August 2007

Here are some good idioms by Scott Ambler on use case reuse. Must read.
I’m trying to keep this blog up to date, but it’s being very difficult…

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