Cédric has posted an interesting point of view about the war between Apple and the developers. This war started when Java developers knew Leopard doesn’t include Java. Cédric resumed Apple’s position in one paragraph, saying:

“What is needed in Cupertino is a radical change in attitude. Dropping the elitist behavior is a mandatory path to success for Apple, and listening to hordes of developers banging at your door is a good first step. Apple doesn’t need to implement Java, but they could show a little bit more willingness to work with whoever is interested in helping take their platform to the next level. Dumping Objective C is probably not an option, but making other languages first-class citizens on a top-notch IDE would undoubtedly go to great lengths toward making this goal a reality (ask Microsoft how Visual Basic and Visual Studio worked out for them). I’d start with C++, maybe C and even some sort of Basic. Hell, just swallow your pride and create a Visual Basic clone for Mac OS.”