JFileContentManager is a Java based file manager desktop application, it can show, edit and manipulate the content of the files archived inside a zip.
Showing a simple and friendly GUI, the user can see the content archived inside a zip file in a tree view way, select one file per time and see their content (either text or image). It’s also possible to reopen the last opened zip files through the history option on the file menu.

Below are the current features:

  • See the zip files’ list in a tree view way;
  • Select one by one of the files and see their content (either text or image);
  • Open the last four opened zip files through the history option on the file menu and
  • Download the bundled executable Jar.

and future goals:

  • Support other file formats, like .tar, .tgz, .tar.gz, .gzip, .rar, .7z.
  • Edit the content of a text file;
  • Save the edition etiher inside the opened zip or at another location on the disk;
  • Select one or more files and zip them together;
  • Edit the image’s file content with the help of a picture toolbar and
  • Bundle the project in Java Web Start.

The project is released under the LGPL license. Misfit, rnaufal and roddy will be very proud and happy if you take a look at this project, running the application, downloading the source code on SVN and commenting about it. Thanks and enjoy!