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Firefox tips and tricks

Check out these 15 firefox tips and tricks! The ones I like most are Ctrl+Tab (rotate forward among tabs) and Ctrl+1-9 (choose a number to jump to a specific tab). Enjoy!

Firefox 2


Inspect your Java codebase with SemmleCode

This Eclipse plugin seems to be a nice tool to drill down into your company codebase. You can gather with it code conventions, metrics, styles, method name patterns, all of it using a simple object-oriented query language, classe .QL.

This is a short description of what SemmleCode can do gor you to manage your code conventions (from TheServerSide):

SemmleCode works by storing Eclipse projects in a relational database. You can then run queries to compute metrics, to find defects, to check style rules, and to navigate. For almost any frequent task, whether it involves a quality audit or a change impact analysis, there is a ready-made query that you can launch via the run menu of Eclipse. In particular there are queries for Robert C. Martin’s package metrics, and for checking J2EE coding conventions.

And about .QL:

.QL is a simple object-oriented query language for writing queries over the codebase. It is very intuitive, andtightly integrated in Eclipse with syntax highlighting, auto-completion, and continuous checking. .QL supports overriding of methods, and that is often very convenient for tailoring checks or metrics to a particular application. SemmleCode puts you in the driving seat when it comes to quality audits: when youthink of a new check, it usually takes only a few lines of .QL to implement it, and share it with other team members.

The plugin suggests us it can be a good tool to analyze our code conventions. I haven’t tried it out yet (I’ll share my thougths here when I do that 🙂 ), if you do, post your comments here.