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FastTrack – Free Tracker plugin for Eclipse

FastTrack Logo

For those interested in project management stuff, like issue tracking, team collaboration and other team planning resources, there is a free Eclipse plugin called Tracker, which is intended ( I didn’t have time to test it yet 🙂 ) to manage team development stuff inside Eclipse IDE. It provides, among other things (which I think are the best ones):

  • Issue tracking and planning for Requirements, Tasks, Change Requests, etc. (called “Work ITems”)
  • Linking of Work Items with other artifacts in the Eclipse workspace
  • Search Work Items using the standard Eclipse search facility
  • History of Work Items
  • Comparison of different historical revisions of any Work Item
  • XML data shared via Subversion – no complicated database setup, no administration headaches

If you ever tried this plugin, post your feelings and comments here.


About Refactoring

From Objects First With Java’s book: “Refactoring is the activity of restructuring an existing design to maintain a good class design when the application is modified or extended. Doing good refactoring is as much about thinking in a certain mindset as it is about technical skills. While we make changes and extensions to applications, we should regularly question whether an original class design still represents the best solution. As the functionality changes, arguments for or against certain designs change. What was a good design for a simple application might not be good anymore when some extensions are added. Recognizing these changes and actually making the refactoring modifications to the source code usually saves a lot of time and effort in the end. The earlier we clean up our design, the more work we usually save.”


Spring 2.0 released

Spring 2.0 has been final released. Here is the news.